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About us

Studio on Third is a group fitness boutique


Sarah Pacchetti, Owner

A modern mix of group fitness!

Studio on Third is a truly unique group fitness boutique with an urban vibe and a Midwest welcoming atmosphere. It's a place to be uniquely you and have a blast doing it! We created a fun, friendly environment where people come for motivation and inspiration and to share a healthy lifestyle. Whether your training for a specific fitness goal, new to working out, just getting back into the swing of it or maintaining the fabulous results you've already achieved, Studio On Third is the place for you!

We offer a modern mix of group fitness classes. Our goal is to ensure that you love working out so much you'll make it a regular part of your daily routine... not because you have to but because you WANT to! From beginner to advanced, our class styles focus on safe and controlled exercises for every body type.

Physical and mental well being

We are dedicated to improving your physical as well as your mental well being. Our classes are designed to be uplifting, inspiring and seriously FUN! You can enter the studio with daily stresses, but you'll leave with a renewed perspective and a smile on your face. Our instructors are dedicated to making that happen. We don't take ourselves too seriously, but we deliver a serious workout!

Chat, connect and just let loose

Most of all, Studio On Third is a place where you can come to chat, connect and just let loose. Meet up to exercise with old friends or come and meet new ones. We have the perfect community of unique individuals who all want to be healthy, fit and stress-free!


Our Philosophy

There are many benefits to joining a group fitness boutique

Specialized Classes

Our studio specializes in very defined areas of fitness. Each of our instructors are highly-trained and educated in the science behind the exercise. You'll get positive results in the most efficient manner.


Come experience our small class atmosphere where members care about one another and often serve as a motivation and support system. You'll often see familiar faces and meet new friends from near and far.

Individual Attention

Our classes are typically smaller than those at a big box gym. This means our instructors will have more time to focus on your individual technique or form and learn about your desired outcomes.


Our class schedule is organized to allow you to alternate different types of classes at the same time of day so you can come back every day without getting bored or overusing the same muscle groups.

The groundwork of all happiness is health.

Meet Our Team

Our Inspire-ers (aka Instructors)

Angela Lunde

Through breath, postures, movement, and meditation, Angela guides students at their own individual level — cultivating balance of challenge
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Heather Lekatz

Heather’s passion for dance began at a young age. While growing up, she was a competitive dancer and gymnast. She danced on a national
→ full bio

Holly Bowe

Music and movement have been in Holly’s soul since she was two. Her journey has encompassed 22 years of traditional dance including ballet, tap
→ full bio

Holly Tolkachjov

Dance has always been Holly's passion. She has over 13 years of formal training including ballet, tap, jazz and lyrical dance. She earned
→ full bio

Jess Ihrke

Jess was born and raised in Rochester, MN, is a lifelong dancer and was born “to move.” She received training at a very early age growing up
→ full bio

Kevin Mergen

Kevin began his yoga journey in 2007 at a spiritual retreat in northern Minnesota. Seeking clarity, he found it on his yoga mat. Since then he has been
→ full bio

Sara Pennington

Sara is simply the Zumba Queen of Rochester! Born and raised here, she discovered Zumba in 2011 was certified in 2013 and started spreading
→ full bio

Kim Edens

Kim has been described as a fearless and compassionate revolutionary. Leading by example, she inspires people to appreciate
→ full bio

Sarah Pacchetti

Sarah can best be described by her friends as energetic and optimistic. She got her first AFAA certification to teach group exercise while at
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Our Classes

Get Funky. Get Fit.


Bodacious Barre

A blend of multiple forms of barre which have been the rage on both East and West coasts for years. The base for our barre classes come from both traditional ballet as well as certifications in Total Barre™. Total Barre is a high-energy program that focuses on strength, flexibility, stamina, and dynamic stability, by combining elements from pilates, dance, cardio, and strength training. Adding in high energy, motivating music pulls it all together into a fun, challenging workout guaranteed to give you a bodacious bod! Each instructor brings their own flare for a truly unique workout. No dance background needed.

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* This class is meant to be peformed in bare feet

Hip Hop

Hip Hop

What more do we need to say? Get ready to get down and let loose. Music is the essence of this class and your body will just follow.... with a little direction from your fabulous inspire-er. Don't take yourself too seriously and just have a blast. You'll have the time of your life and scorch a ton of calories doing so!

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Piloxing is a non-stop, cardio fusion of standing pilates, boxing and dance that will push you past your limits for a sleek, sexy and powerful you! Piloxing cardio fusion incorporates cutting edge research and fitness techniques to burn maximum calories, build lean muscles, and increase stamina.

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* This class is meant to be peformed in bare feet



Urban Vinyasa Yoga is almost like a dance - fluidly moving from one pose to another with synchronized breath. Vinyasa has both mental and physical benefits. Physically, sweat expels toxins and re-energizes your body. Mentally, the synchronized breath calms the mind and helps to release any blockage of energy throughout your body. Each class will include sun salutations and other movements designed to build strength, flexibility, balance, and increase focus and release stress. Students will be guided on how to customize many postures to allow it to be both foundational as well as challenging. In this way, all levels of experience are welcome.

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Zumba is a latin-inspired dance fitness party. It will have you moving, shaking, and burning calories in no time! Fusing hypnotic latin and other world rhythms, you'll love every minute of this cardio dance party. There is no right or wrong way when it comes to Zumba, so who's ready to hit the dance floor?

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Our Pricing

Purchase a punchcard before you book a class


$15per card

  • (1) class
  • Expires in 30 days
  • Reserve any class



$60per card

  • (5) classes
  • Expires in 45 days
  • Reserve any class



$100per card

  • (10) classes
  • Expires in 3 months
  • Reserve any class



$75per month

  • Unlimited classes
  • Monthly
  • Reserve any class



A list of commonly asked questions

How do I schedule a class?

It’s easy! We have a user-friendly and extremely secure software system to assist you in reserving a class. Click BOOK CLASSES, then create a username and password, and use it to schedule, purchase and track your visit history. If you need more information, please send us an email.

How do I purchase a punchcard?

We prefer that you PURCHASE a punchcard online before you arrive. If you have difficulty or just prefer to do it in person, we can arrange a time to meet you. Just send us an email. There is not a lot of time for instructors to register new clients and sell punchcards before a class starts.

What should I bring (not bring) to class?

Water and towel, if desired. Your own yoga mat, otherwise we have a limited supply to borrow. There is no locker room, however we do have space to stash a purse or small bag and hang your coat. There are restrooms directly across from the studio where you can change into athletic gear.

What are your hours and location?

We are only open when classes are in session. We are located in the lower level of the Merchant Exchange Building halfway between Broadway and 1st Ave SW on Historic 3rd Street. Look for the large blue dental sign. Enter lobby and take elevator to "B" (lower level) then straight ahead.

What if I am late for a class?

If you arrive late for a class and the class fills up, there is a chance that your reserved spot will be given away. Please try to arrive at least 5 minutes prior to your class start time. This will give the instructor a chance to sign-in all clients and answer any questions before the class begins.

What are your terms and conditions?

All sales are final. Classes are not eligible for transfer, refund or exchange. Instructors and classes are subject to change without notice. All classes must be pre-paid through our online scheduling program or in person. A valid credit card is required for all accounts.

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